Hi!  My name is Robin.

I am known affectionately and professionally as Rocket Robin.

ROCKETROBIN.CA INC. is 100% Canadian-owned and a local family business enterprise, created just for you!  Out of the need for quality products at super low prices, Rocket Robin has committed to design and source amazing and fabulous products.  You won’t find a better value in Canada!  All items are inspected thoroughly before shipment and packed with extra care to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

All of my customers experience the RocketRobin.ca difference and know they can expect:

  • Timely, knowledgeable, friendly communication, pre and post purchase
  • Exactly what they ordered (and often a little extra)
  • Fast shipping using a variety of methods offered including free shipping
  • Excellent and flexible return policy


What is so special about, and why should I choose RocketRobin over other brands?
That’s easy.  Rocket Robin does not ever allow or sell toxic synthetic chemicals in Skincare or Nutrition products.  On this point alone, RocketRobin uniquely and bravely shines a light into the caverns of chemical darkness… Only 100% pure and all-natural powders, oils, butters and soaps are offered and directly from sources around the world.
Does Rocket Robin have a warehouse for local pickup in the GTA?
Yes, local pickup can be arranged after you order.  Just contact Rocket Robin for more info.
Where are the products shipping from?
When you place an order, within minutes, RocketRobin zooms into action by assembling the items freshly stocked in a small local warehouse DC (Distribution Centre) in the Greater Toronto Area and ships out to the courier on the same day or next-day depending on the time of day the order is received.
Do I have to pay for shipping?
Unless the product is offered with free shipping, the flat rate is determined based on the weight. Please note that orders to P.O. Boxes may not be possible.  Rural routes and remote areas will be accommodated but will incur extra shipping charges according to standard rates. Please inquire before placing your order…
Is this a quality product?  Can I trust you?
Yes, Rocket Robin has personally selected these items from among the many available on the market and will carry only the best of the best, quality-tested, freshest, and direct from the manufacturer without middle-men. All items are are purchased and produced in small batches. Based on a mutual and sacred trust and respect for the earth and diversity of human culture, Rocket Robin has developed enviable relationships around the world directly with remote villages and knowledgeable local community members that can guarantee only the best and most authentic raw materials are shipped to Canada to RocketRobin.ca Inc. Both customers and suppliers deal directly with me, Rocket Robin, and I alone, welcome and shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding the trust between suppliers and consumers.
What is the shelf-life?
Standard shelf-life of all consumable items is 2 years from packing date, but in reality, many products like shea butter will last many years due to the presence of natural anti-oxidants.
Can I return the item for a refund if I am not satisfied?
Of course you can.  Just contact Rocket Robin to arrange a return for item purchase price or exchange for similar item.  You are encouraged to contact me directly before submitting a negative review:)  You will reach me directly and I respond to all inquiries via email, phone or text 416-716-5750.
Am I buying a good quality product?
Absolutely!  Don’t let the low price fool you!  All products sold by Rocket Robin are designed with your highest comfort and satisfaction in mind. The materials are high quality, and the workmanship is detailed and precise.  If it isn’t good enough for one’s own family and friends, it will not be sold by Rocket Robin.  Guaranteed.
Is there really an actual person known as Rocket Robin?
Yes!  There really is a Robin, known by the nickname, Rocket Robin.


I have done the global sourcing for you to ensure that only THE BEST products from around the world are available to you.  From Nepal to Peru, from Ghana to Vietnam and everywhere in between, the world offers enormous benefit to all of us, especially in the nutrition and health care sectors.

I have decades of experience in the FOOD, CHEMICAL AND CONSUMER GOODS industries, in the areas of Formulation, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance.

I also recognize the supreme importance of TRANSPARENCY and PROCESS EXCELLENCE in all CUSTOMER-FOCUSED activity.

As a FORMULATION SCIENTIST, I am trained in the RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT of cosmetic preparations and pharma products, and this knowledge and experience has aided immensely in the development of this journey towards a more natural path forward.


I strongly believe that laboratory-made artificial chemicals and molecules that were introduced into our food, water, air and consumer products in the last 60 years have had negative impacts on our health and environment, accumulating in cellular material in our bodies and in our flora and fauna, slowly causing chronic disease and illness.


So, it’s time to make changes.  As someone once said,

“Be the change that you want to see in the world”

RocketRobin.ca provides useful alternatives to the synthetics we have become accustomed to in our soaps, cosmetics, skin care products, food and living spaces.

We see from history that the initial push to create synthetic molecules in the laboratory was to mimic natural substances known to us and our ancestors as having therapeutic qualities.  And also because natural substances cannot be patented, there was the incentive to produce un-natural substances and patent them.  Of course, we did not fully realize at the time, and many people are still in the dark and do not know, that introducing these un-natural substances into our cells and bodies, would be the cause of illness.


What is the big deal with synthetic versus natural substances, you ask?  For example, isn’t a vitamin found in food exactly the same as a vitamin found in a supplement?  The short answer is NO.  Cells in our bodies that uptake the synthetic molecules do not fully recognize or process them.  Especially if they are a totally new or foreign sequence of chemical identity, or hybrid molecule, or genetically-modified.  And so, the cells will begin to store these synthetic and un-natural molecules in fat and set them aside for possible future processing.  But that future processing rarely occurs, and these chemicals build up in our cells, ultimately causing disease and/or illness.

It really is that simple.


The big advantage of buying from Rocket Robin is that delivery is always as fast as economically possible!  And this is true for ALL items purchased through this website.  100,000+ customers (and counting) can’t be wrong!



I am available directly by phone, email, or text to answer your questions.   ROBIN@ROCKETROBIN.CA or 416-716-5750.

Full money-back guarantee if not fully satisfied with original receipt and in original condition.

Please browse the SHOP by category to find a good deal.  And you can REGISTER HERE to open an account.

Thanks for reading,

Rocket Robin


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    Just received my first order today and i couldn’t be happier!! Fast delivery and beautiful products.. i made a whipped body butter that smells and feels heavenly!!! I will definitely be a return customer ?

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