How RocketRobn.ca was born

There is a growing need in the marketplace for products that are less toxic and more environmentally friendly.  Out of this need, Rocket Robin has discovered several ways of using products that Mother Nature has to offer that will solve many of these problems of modern life.  SOAP NUTS are just one of Nature’s gifts.  These marvelous berries from the Sapindus tree provide a method of doing laundry that is chemical-free, less expensive, and better for your clothes and for the health of your home.  You can also extract the saponin from these yourself at home and use for general cleaning!  SHEA BUTTER is a valuable gift from the shea tree that has miraculous powers and many uses!  MORINGA has the potential to dramatically change the world and the lives of everyone everywhere.  (Read more on these products by clicking on the links)

The World is Yours

Take Care of it

The objective is to obtain useful alternatives to the everyday products in our lives that are heavily-laden with chemicals that really should not be released into the environment. These synthetic chemicals like SLS will eventually make their way up the food chain back to us, most likely causing harm. When we realize that the whole world is ALREADY OURS, the factor of greed for profits is really taken out of the equation and we are left with the burden of making sure that we are good stewards of the earth and leave it for the future of our little ones, the way we would have wanted it for ourselves.  RocketRobin.ca is committed to Research & Development and to the Voice of the Customer.

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