1.  Across the board discounts on any products or number of products
  2.  Flat wholesale pricing is easier to administer and execute for mutual benefit
  3.  You are able to match pricing on at your place of business AND STILL MAKE A 25% PROFIT or you can set your own prices and make even greater profit.
  4.  Very low point of entry at only $500
  5.  No annual membership fees
  6.  No fee for registering as a wholesaler
  7.  No time restrictions
  8.  No product restrictions
  9.  No minimum quantities required of any items
  10.  No commitments
  11.  No multi-level-marketing
  12.  Registering on-line saves a lot of time and helps you receive your products faster and get started right away!
  13.  You can re-brand many products sold on and/or create your own sets or combinations
  14.  You can request products WITHOUT labels and apply your own
  15.  FREE SHIPPING to any location in Canada will apply

Fill out and submit the Wholesaler Registration form below or click HERE: