Bespoke Perfume Customized Composition

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Special Introductory price for a limited time!  Choose from any number of essential oils or absolutes in each category of top note, middle note or base note, to create your customized masterpiece!

Base Notes

Base Notes are the first component to be added to a composition, acting as both the longer-lasting notes and often as the fixative. Usually the last to be detected when first sampling and the last to be dissipated over the course of the dry-down.

Middle Notes

Middle Notes are the heart of the composition. These are added to the base notes to proclaim the main character of the medley, the most prominent of the accord, and acts as a mediator and conductor. Usually these are the most potent and powerful scents in the composition.

Top Notes

Top Notes are the first to be detected in a perfume, providing lift, intrigue and establishing presence of mind, preparing the way for the heart notes. They are also the first to disappear leaving the heart and base notes to continue the fragrant dance.

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