Essential Oil Jasmine & Jojoba


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Essential Oil Jasmine & Jojoba (15ml)

Essential Oil Jasmine & Jojoba

Ready -to-use right out of the bottle.

This 100% pure essential oil is pre-blended with skin-nourishing Jojoba Oil.

essential oil jasmine

Jasmine (Jasmine Grandiflorum) is known as the “Queen of the Night” in India; its fragrance is released after nightfall and just before dawn. With flowers the color of moonlight, it has been said that no other scent can so effectively influence or enchant our emotions. The Jasmine Oil has an intensely floral, rich, sweet and tenacious aroma, with a peculiar waxy-oily note, and somewhat fruity tea- and hay-like undertones.

This oil is known for its wide variety of uses. The body will absorb the beneficial components of the oil just like any other nutrient. The jasmine absolute oil will stimulate the immune system, destroy bacteria and it is a powerful antioxidant. It will take approximately twenty minutes to be absorbed into the body and will remain for several hours before excreting. In aromatherapy the scent of the oil is the key to the therapy. When we smell these aromas a message is sent to different parts of the brain where the process of stimulating hormones and chemicals in the body begins. Jasmine and Jojoba oils can be used frequently throughout the day to aid in relaxation, as an anti-depressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, when you need to feel more confident, or optimistic. For an important business meeting carry a small bottle with you and just smell it about thirty minutes before going into that meeting, you will be much more relaxed and confident.

This Jasmine and Jojoba oil absolutely exquisite and can be used daily. Simply sprinkle the oil into the palms of the hand and rub together to warm the oils. Gently press the palms of your hands to the face and neck area. No need to rub the oil in. Use as an alternative to your usual skin care cream or moisturizer. Applying to moist skin after bathing or showering provides the most effective absorption.

Aroma:  Sweet, exotic and richly floral smell.

Traditional Use:  Deeply relaxes, lifts depression and boosts confidence, eases childbirth, helps with sexual problems, soothes coughing and tones and improves skin elasticity, while helping to reduce stretch marks and scars.

Properties:  anti-depressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, anti-spasmodic

How to Use:  Lotions, Creams, Massage Oils, Burners and Vaporizers

Blends well with:   Bergamot, Rose, Sandalwood and all Citrus oils.

Safety:  Can be applied to skin directly. Avoid during pregnancy. Not for internal use.


Essential oil flower jasmine

Jasmine absolute refers to the process of making all the different types of jasmine essential oils. The blossoms of the jasmine plant are very fragile and must be handled with care. Because the flowers are so delicate, the steam distillation process would destroy them. Jasmine oil is extracted using a solvent extraction method, which makes it an absolute. Another example of a delicate flower that can’t be steam distilled is the rose. Depending on the variety of jasmine flowers, they are harvested either in the morning or evening. Approximately eight thousand to ten thousand blossoms are needed to make one gram of oil. Depending on the carrier oil used to dilute the jasmine absolute oil, only a few drops are needed as the scent is strong.


Jasmine absolute: is a very important oil in the perfume industry. Emotionally warming, Jasmine oil relaxes, soothes, uplifts and is said to assist with self confidence. It’s a valuable oil for nervous tension and stress, and a wonderful skincare oil, excellent for hot, dry skin. Jasmine oil has sensual properties and is reputedly an aphrodisiac. It takes a vast number of blossoms (which are gathered before the sun rises) to produce only a few drops of this precious oil.

Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia sinensis) is another part of the blend.
Jojoba is actually not an oil at all, but a liquid wax. It’s wonderfully conditioning for the skin, scalp, hair and cuticles. This excellent oil is lightly expeller pressed from seeds and has a lovely golden color. Jojoba is high in proteins, minerals and is unique in its long (indefinite) shelf life. Unlike moisturizers, which don’t penetrate through the layers of the skin, jojoba reaches the germinative layer, nourishing and augmenting the health of the skin. In addition, jojoba does not clog pores, making it a wonderful choice for acne. Jojoba is non-allergenic, and is high in proteins and minerals. Jojoba ultimately assumes the odor of the person wearing it. Likewise, it assumes the scent of essential oils added to it. Great for all types of skin.

It is a valuable remedy in cases of severe depression and soothes the nerves, producing a feeling of confidence, optimism and euphoria, while revitalizing and restoring energy.

Jasmine oil facilitates delivery in childbirth: it hastens the birth by strengthening the contractions and at the same time relieves pain. It is effective in post-natal depression and promotes the flow of breast milk.

Because of its deeply soothing and calming nature, jasmine oil helps with sexual problems such as impotence, premature ejaculation and frigidity.

It has a very beneficial effect on the respiratory system, by soothing irritating coughs and helping with hoarseness and laryngitis. It furthermore helps with muscle pain, sprains, and stiff limbs.

Jasmine oil tones dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin, increases elasticity and is often used to assist with stretch marks and to reduce scarring.

How to Use

Jasmine oil has great value for treating severe depression, eases childbirth, is beneficial with sexual problems, on the respiratory tract, for muscle pain and for toning the skin.

  • Burners and vaporizers
    • In vapor therapy, jasmine oil can be useful for treating addiction, lifting depression, easing nervousness, soothing coughs, promoting relaxation and easing tension.
  • Blended massage oil or in the bath
    • Jasmine oil can be used as a blended massage oil or diluted in the bath, for helping to break addiction, lifting postnatal depression, promoting relaxation, easing muscle pain, soothing coughs, reducing tension, stress and nervousness.
  • Lotion and creams
    • Jasmine oil can be used in a cream or lotion for dry, greasy or sensitive skin, as well as to help reduce stretch marks and other scars.


Rocket Robin is proud to be your supplier of truly natural products with simple ingredients in support of your family’s health and well-being.

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