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Essential Oil Peru Balsam (15 mL)

Essential Oil Peru Balsam

Aroma:  Can be described as a combination of vanilla, cinnamon, and a touch of clove. Rich, sweet.

Traditional Use: This oil is used as a fixative and base note in soaps and body care products, and is sometimes found in commercial soft drinks.

Properties: antioxidant, cicatrisant, deodorant, anti-inflammatory, allergic, expectorant, stimulant, fixative, antiseptic, antibacterial, diuretic

How to Use:  Inhalation, Diffusion, Topical.  Allergic – This oil is strongly allergic to many people.

Blends well with: Black pepper, ginger, jasmine, lavender, patchouli, petitgrain, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang

Safety:  Avoid while pregnant. Not intended for internal use.


essential oil peru balsam


Balsam of Peru is an aromatic viscous resin obtained by scorching or inflicting V-shaped wounds on the bark of the trunk of the tree Myroxylon balsamum var. pereirae.  In response, the Balsam of Peru – oily, resin-like, aromatic fluid – exudes to heal the tree’s lesions, and the liquid is collected.  An essential oil is distilled from the balsam.

“Balsam of Peru” is a misnomer.  In the early period of Spanish dominion in Central and South America, the balsam was collected in Central America and shipped to Callao and Lima in Peru, then shipped onward to Europe.  It acquired the name of “Peru” because it was shipped from there.  Its export to Europe was first documented in the seventeenth century in the German Pharmacopedia. Today it is extracted under a handicraft process, and is mainly exported from El Salvador.

Balsam of Peru smells of vanilla and cinnamon because it contains – among its 25 or so different substances – cinnamein, cinnamic acid, cinnamyl cinnamate, benzyl benzoate, benzoic acid, and vanillin.  It also contains cinnamic acid alcohol and aldehyde, farnesol, and nerolidol.  A minority of it, approximately 30–40%, contains resins or esters of unknown composition.  It also contains essential oils similar to those in citrus fruit peel.

Balsam of Peru is used in food and drink for flavouring, in perfumes and toiletries for fragrance, and in medicine and pharmaceutical items for healing properties.  It has aromatic and fixative (i.e., delays evaporation) properties, and mild antiseptic, antifungal, and antiparasitic attributes.

It has four primary uses:

•flavoring in food and drink, such as coffee, flavoured tea, wine, beer, gin, liqueurs, apéritifs (e.g., vermouth, bitters), soft drinks including cola, juice, citrus, citrus fruit peel, marmalade, tomatoes and tomato-containing products, Mexican and Italian foods with red sauces, ketchup, spices (e.g., cloves, Jamaica pepper (allspice), cinnamon, nutmeg, paprika, curry, anise, and ginger), chilli sauce, barbecue sauce, chutney, pickles, pickled vegetables, chocolate, vanilla, baked goods and pastries, pudding, ice cream, chewing gum, and candy;
•fragrance in perfumes and toiletries, such as perfumes, colognes, deodorants, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, after-shave lotions, cosmetics, lipsticks, creams, lotions, ointments, baby powders, sunscreens, and suntan lotions; and
•in medicinal products, such as hemorrhoid suppositories and ointment (e.g., Anusol), cough medicine/suppressant and lozenges, diaper rash ointments, oral and lip ointments, tincture of benzoin, wound spray (it has been reported to inhibit Mycobacterium tuberculosis as well as the common ulcer-causing bacteria H. pylori in test-tube studies), calamine lotion, surgical dressings, dental cement, eugenol used by dentists, some periodontal impression materials, and in the treatment of dry socket in dentistry.
•optical properties as a glue, typically as a mounting medium for microscope specimens[18][19] due to purified Balsam of Peru’s transparency and refractive index of 1.597 being very close to that of many glasses used in optics.
It also can be found in toothpaste, mouthwash, scented tobacco, cleaning products, pesticides, insect repellents, air fresheners and deodorizers, scented candles, and oil paint.

Other Names

Balsam of Peru essential oil can be referred by more than a dozen other names. This is because of the various names for the resin. It is known by names like Black Balsam, Quina, Tolu, Balsam fir oil, Balsam fir oleoresin, Peru Balsam Oil, Indian Balsam, China oil ( surprising ) and Balsamo.



1. Bronchitis and Respiratory Conditions
Balsam of Peru essential oil is incredibly helpful in respiratory conditions in which there is productive cough. It acts as an expectorant and helps the lungs expel all the attached phlegm. This clears the airway from congestion and provides relieved breathing. In this way, it helps in cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia and other conditions which overproduce phlegm.

For these conditions, add 3 – 4 drops of Peru Balsam essential oil in a vaporizer and let its aroma diffuse in the air all around. Its sweet cinnamon like aroma helps one to breathe easily and congestion is reduced. After a few minutes, do a warm salt water gargle as a home remedy to loosen the phlegm. This procedure also reduces inflammation in the nose and throat. Because of its antibacterial activity, it kills some species of bacteria in the air, especially when mixed with other antibacterial essential oils like tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil.

2. Sore Muscles
Add about 2 – 3 drops of Peru balsam essential oil in about 100 ml of carrier oil. Massage the painful muscles with this oil combination. It reduces inflammation within the cramped muscle and provides relief from soreness in a few hours. Apply this home remedy 2 times a day.

3. Stress
The aroma of Peru Balsam essential oil is soothing to the senses. Its aroma can lower your stress after a tiring day at work or help to reduce stress due to some stressful situation. One can inhale its aroma by diffusing it in a diffuser or oil burner, or one can add a few drops to a bath. Either way it reduces stress and mental exhaustion.

4. Scabies
Balsam of Peru essential oil is used to treat scabies, a skin condition caused by scabies mites. These are microscopic mites that burrow into the skin and lead to rashes. This skin condition can be relieved by applying balsam of peru oil in low dilution. Add 2 – 3 drops of this essential oil to extra virgin olive oil and massage it on the skin. Apply it specially on places where one can see the burrows of these mites. With regular application, one would witness and improvement in the symptoms of scabies.

In a similar manner, it can be applied to get relief from eczema lesions.

5. Skin
Balsam of Peru essential oil is also used for many skin conditions. Dilute it by about 50 times in a carrier oil and apply as a massage on the skin. It is used to heal broken, damaged skin which is seen in many skin conditions. It is helpful in skin rashes and chapped skin.

6. Treats Dandruff
Adding just 2-3 drops of balsam of Peru essential oil to a glass of water makes it a nice home remedy for dandruff. It scrubs off dead skin cells from the scalp and cleanses it. This alleviates dandruff. Use this home remedy once every week.


Balsam of Peru and its essential oil have a major issue of allergy. This resin is one of the most allergic substances in nature. It has been classified among the top five allergens to be found in allergy patch test. This shows that many people who are vulnerable to allergies can be susceptible to this ingredient.

An allergic reaction to Peru Balsam essential oil usually shows up as contact dermatitis. However, it can lead to severe inflammation of the lips, mouth or tongue. Blisters may pop up and they may be quite painful. It can lead to rhinitis with symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes and even hives.

Therefore, one should always perform a patch test before using Balsam Peru essential oil. There is not much information on the safe dosage and interactions of this essential oil.


Caution:   NEVER USE INTERNALLY without consulting professional medical help

  • Not recommended for pregnant women and infants.
    Individuals with serious and chronic health issues should consult an expert prior to using oils.


Rocket Robin is proud to be your supplier of truly natural products with simple ingredients in support of your family’s health and well-being.

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