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  • Natural Perfume 1

Natural Perfume – Eau de Toilette – 30 mL Canada

Natural Perfume contains NO synthetic ingredients.  Natural Perfume is better for your health, better for your environment, and better for the earth. Natural perfumes should be just as alluring as their synthetic counterparts, and now, finally, they are.  Introducing a line of natural perfume from…

100% pure and natural essential oils and absolutes are expertly allowed to diffuse and mingle and after which they are carefully infused with 190-proof grain alcohol.


natural perfume collection 1


  • 100% all natural
  • 100% organic
  • 100% free of synthetic chemicals
  • 100% free of isopropyl alcohol
  • 100% free of added water
  • 100% vegan

Elusif – Classical Chypreambrette absolute oil seedsessential oil vetiverEssential Oil Bergamotoakmoss absolute oilEssential oil Labdanum 1

A classical chypre hailing from chamfered tradition, containing oakmoss, labdanum, bergamot, with natural musk, white floral and woody components. A truly original creation exclusive to

Fantom – Classical Fougèreamber absolute oil resinEssential Oil Bergamot 2tonka bean absolute 2oakmoss absolute oilessential oil lavender

A classical fougère containing the key components of oakmoss, lavender, and tonka bean, with titillating base notes and a signature citrus accent that will awaken your inner senses.  A unique, daring, fresh and impressive composition crafted by

Floramor – A Floral Forceessential oil vetiveressential oil coriander 1essential oil honeysuckle 2essential oil jasmine & Jojobaessential oil damask rose & jojoba

A grandiose expression of ultimate seduction. Big, sexy, floral scent powered by rose and jasmine at its heart, gently kissed by honeysuckle, and soothingly crystallised with natural musk and vetiver.  For those who may have a love/hate relationship with a flowery aroma but wish to summon its powers on frequent occasions, this is a gift to you from

Nagarana – Divine Warmthambrette absolute oil seedsoakmoss absolute oilvanilla absolute oil beanEssential Oil Mandarin 2essential oil neroli 2

A sweet, warm, soothing, celebration of the the divine spark in all of us. An inspired tribute to both the queen of aroma, Neroli, and her earthly companion and the king of orchids, Vanilla, as they dance with mandarin orange in a base of natural musk.  Spirited and uplifting, speaking in all languages and to all emotions, this simple creation will be both revered and recognised anywhere you take it. Exclusively from

Tobakis – Clean & Freshessential oil sandalwood 2tobacco absolute 1essential oil cedarwood himalayanessential oil lavenderessential oil lemon 2

A clean, fresh, unisex and gently lifting medley. A marriage ceremony of New World tobacco with Old World citrus and lavender, attended by western and eastern woods.  Destined to be loved by you and yours from

Customized Composition – Bespoke (Now Available) 

CLICK HERE  Choose your own essential oils and absolutes for a truly personalised perfumery masterpiece you can call your very own!

Natural Perfume

Is this a Quality Perfume or Cologne?

An Eau de Toilette contains approximately 10% in oils of total volume, with the rest made up of pure 190-proof grain alcohol.

Made in the same tradition in which classical perfumes have been produced from antiquity until about 150 years ago when the first synthetic molecules were used to give birth to what is known to us as the perfume industry in modern times.

Great care has been taken to study the time-tested ideas of the great perfumers ancient as well as modern to build a foundation upon which to sustain a new house of perfumery that will use only natural oils.  It is vitally important to allow these mysterious and enchanting aromas to diffuse and mingle together, creating a seamless and triumphant accord, that both honours tradition and also calls for unique and new combinations yet to be discovered.  Your freshly purchased perfume or cologne will only get better with age as the molecules intercalate with one another and produce longer organic carbon chains.  No water is added, and this is vitally important.  Only 190-proof grain alcohol is used, Made in Canada, the product of fermentation and not from the petrochemical industry (such as isopropyl alcohol).

Why Choose a Natural Perfume vs. a Synthetic?

Not only are artificial fragrances bad for the environment (all products with fragrance are – everything from conventional laundry detergent, to shampoo and soap), synthetic chemicals used as fragrances are known to be toxic and irritating to the human immune system. Also, conventional fragrances (perfumes) contain phthalates – also known as hormone disrupting chemicals.

Synthetic molecules persist in the environment and accumulate across the biosphere.  The body tissues and cells of both humans, animals, insects, and plants are negatively affected by this accumulation of toxic chemicals and it eventually leads to disease and biological disruption.

Natural perfumes stay closer to you and your own personal space and do not invade that of another person.  More and more workplaces, for example, are addressing the issue of synthetic perfumes and their effect on employees and job environments and air spaces.  This issue is virtually solved via the use of natural perfumes instead of synthetic.


Rocket Robin is proud to be your supplier of truly natural products with simple ingredients in support of your family’s health and well-being.

Choose Eau de Toilette

Elusif, Fantom, Floramor, Nagarana, Tobakis

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